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If you have a yard or a lawn in New Braunfels, TX then you know the importance of a lush green look that makes your home or business look luxurious, but not just anybody has that look. It is something that takes time, energy, and consistent effort that not everybody has the time to invest, that is where sod comes in. Compared to the time grass seed takes to grow and mature, sod has a lot of benefits ranging from simple maintenance, flexibility and convenience just to name a few. However, you can only achieve these if you work with a professional sod installation company with experience in the area. Which is were we come in, our expert sod installers have a streamlined start to finish process for your needs. Request a quote or call today (830) 253-3344 to schedule a sod installation project or delivery in New Braunfels, TX.

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Conveniences & Benefits of Sod

Flexibility and Convenience

Sod installation can be done at any time. This gives you enough room to have the perfect lawn any time during the year, and you don’t require extensive planning to have it installed.

Easy maintenance

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to having the perfect lawn in New Braunfels is maintenance. Having to spend time to weed and keep the grass green is quite the investment, for some it takes away the joy of owning a lush lawn. High-quality sod doesn’t come with weeds, which reduces the chances of dealing with weeds in the future, and is typically installed while green leaving only minor maintenance.


Although the purchase price of sod is high, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial price and can actually help you save money. The minor amount of maintenance required means you won’t need to spend on herbicides and insecticides, and if installation is done correctly, you won’t have to deal with the possibility of seedlings being washed away by rain. A local company in New Braunfeld, TX is recommended to help guarantee customer satisfaction by using high quality sods and following proper installation steps. Call us today at (830) 253-3344 to request a quote for our sod delivery and installation services.

Sod Preparation and Installation Guide

Preparing the ground where the sod will be placed is crucial to a successful installation, which we have a guide here for you to follow:

  • Start by removing all the debris and weeds, as well as low spots. Make sure the grade is sloped away from your foundation to prevent water problems.
  • You need to till the soil to get at least 2 inches depth then apply topsoil, which has to be perfectly leveled to get at least a 6-inch depth. It's also advisable that you check the soil pH to ensure it is conducive to the sod.
  • If you have sprinklers, the next step is to check whether they are functional and are positioned strategically. Understand how your sprinklers work and adjust their heads to prevent water leaks. After preparation is done, the sod has to be installed on the same day it is delivered. Failure to do so will result in the sod not getting the moisture and nutrients it needs, and that will cause it to dry up.
  • Install the sods in a straight line to get a perfect layout and make sure there are no overlapping sides. Use a brick pattern, and if you reach smaller spaces, cut the dirt side with a sod knife.
  • Water the installed sod at least 20 minutes later to supply moisture and keep watering the laid-out areas within that interval as you continue sodding. Remember that the amount of water you use will affect the sod growth.

We can take away all this stress from you and install your sod professionally. If you need a reputable sod installation company in New Braunfeld, TX, then call us today at (830) 253-3344 or request a quote.

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